Thursday, August 30, 2007

Classes you say?

Alright, I know this sounds bad, but I have to admit it. It's only the second class for my subjects in Drake, and I have already started to dislike some stuffs about the lecturer. =(

Who's that lecturer you ask? Mr., oh, no, should be Dr. *ah*l *a*sa. Yes, to save myself from a little trouble, if I ever get into one, go find out the name yourself.

Why I dislike him? Well, he's teaching me, of course. He has this laziness that allows him to leave out the zero in front of a decimal number. For instance, he would write 0.098 as .098. Well, you don't see the 'amazement' here, because the dot is quite clear. But, imagine putting that dot on the white board, among other symbols, and it's just a light dot, not a clear round dot.

Another thing, he does not differentiate his unknowns' symbols with mathematics symbols. For example, in an equation t+2t+xyz=aa. He does not curl the 't', and made it looks so similiar to the addition sign +. And he expects us to scruntinize at his writings on the board and keep up with his pace. He's not even organized!! Gosh, it's bad. All I can hope now is he gets better, which probably have the probability of 0.0001. -.-'''

Another course, Information System 044. This course is a 'pain in the butt' (quoted from the lecturer). It currently teaches us how to use Microsoft Word 2007, which she thinks is so 'cool' (quoted from her again). Yes, it's not a typo, it is MICROSOFT WORD. An insult to our computer knowledge so far. Let's hope it won't be too much of an insult when it reaches the part that teaches us Excel and Access. Ok ok, I may sound bias, but no offence to those who have zero knowledge on Word.

Well, I am having a long weekend now, Monday is off and Friday is off. Monday is off because of Labor Day; and Friday is off because College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA) do not have classes on Fridays. =) First week of class and I have a long weekend break, what a relieve! =p Let's hope it will be fun. And also let's hope I won't burn too big of a hole in pocket buying some necessary stuffs. =D Shopping anyone? =p

Time to catch up on some sleep! Adioz. Zzzzzzzzzzzz... *dream of you*

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