Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little update...

Just a quick post before heading for lunch and class and test later, just so my little blogging space won't be obsolete. =p

I just got myself a car, a used car. I am happy with it and already used it for a week now! It was so important during the past weekend because of the trouble I saved and the inconvenience I will cause if I don't have a car at that time. Yes, I am getting use to having a car and enjoying the privileges of a car. Road trip in my mind next!! Hmm... where will be a good place? =p

Weather is turning to be extremely cold now! Yes, Fall is here! =( It is very sunny now, with clear blue skies, but the temperature is miserable. It's sooooooo cold! Sigh... Jackets are out to show themselves, and flip flops are going to be retired till the next summer... =(

Alright, that's all now. Lunch time. Adioz!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Of my iPod and scare...

Well well, another long absence, how sad. I keep trying to find time for this, but I can't. Busy with studies and work, and it is becoming routine, I can't help it. I can't find any topic to rant about, can't find much time to think of what to rant, until yesterday.

Yesterday, just as I was packing up and getting ready to sleep, I noticed my iPod was low on battery. I was playing it the whole night, plus a couple of days on the bus and some time out in the hall. Hence, I decided to give it a little charge. I stuck the USB cable into it, connect it to my laptop, voila!! My iPod decided to hang on me! =S

I was shocked! My iPod never once failed me, and I have yet to receive any comments from anyone about their iPod not working! I frantically press every button available, check if I accidentaly slid the lock on, but NO!! It just showed me the same screen! I was hoping it is my computer's fault, hence I restarted my computer, tried unplugging and plugging it in several times, and it still did not work. Sad...

I looked around for my iPod case, which I still kept in the cupboard. Looked around the user manual, (when was the last time you or I did this?!) and found a life saver - the hard reset code! I tried it the first time, and it didn't work. OMG!! Tried a couple of times more, and still it didn't work! Shell shocked and down, I look at the buttons I pressed and the command.


How dumb is that?! I tried it again, this time making sure I have the right buttons, and finally the bitten apple came to life. A sense of relief came to me, my iPod is back with me again! I tested it, managed to give it a half an hour charge, and it accompanied me on my bus ride again. It did freak me out when I actually read that the warranty period is for 1 year only and I owned it for slightly more than a year now. Probably the manufacturers timed that scare, didn't they? Hmm...

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey folks!! I am back in USA already! I finally managed to unpack my suitcase and boxes, managed to arrange them in my room as well. Yes, my room finally look more hospitable! Lol.

I took a walk to the bank yesterday, and I realized how far it is from the bank to my apartment! Sigh, even classes are far this time around. Lol. Have to wake up 10 minutes earlier I guess! =( Selling car anyone? I am interested in getting one. Heheh.

Weather here, it's still summer. Yeah, hot! Lol. But again, it's much better than Malaysia's hazy condition, at least the air here is fresh! =p I enjoyed walking to the bank yesterday, but started to feel the heat and the distance when I walked back from the bank. Lol. I should get some excersize going today, hmm...

Alright, got to carry on with my chores. Laundry is killing me!! =/ Adioz!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Almost over!

Wow, two months of summer holiday in Malaysia is almost over! Next Tuesday is time for me to head back to USA and continue building my career already! So fast...

I look forward to head to USA to build a career, but also I feel time is so fast these two months. It seems like last week I just reached Malaysia, and now I am about to leave, how I wish I can stay longer with my family.

Well, I do need to be strong and carry on with life, start my own career and have my own family. Yes, that is what I need to do, carve out a successful career and have a great life. =D

Hmm... I am just crapping, nothing better to do. I just packed my luggage, leaving some room for tomorrow's item and I should be done. Let's hope my luggages will not be overweight, or I will need to sacrifice more stuffs. =(

Well, besides meeting Seafield 5 Amanah people, I have basically done everything I need to in Malaysia, and ate every food I want to as well!! =D Well, no one from 5 A contacted me after they say wait, so I guess this time around I came back at the wrong timing! How sad. Next trip guys. =)

Alright, time for some family time and I will start my journey back to USA. Adioz!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A walk in KL

I planned to take the train in KL, where the last train was said to be at 12am. But, when we reached there at 11.50pm, it was already closed. Same old Malaysia, never stick to their plans, causing trouble to everyone!! Anyway, we ended up walking.

Sad to say, there ain't a good feeling walking in KL late at night. Yes, I was a little paranoid, very very aware of my surroundings and our safety. We kept to the main roads which are well lighted by street lamps, but the fear still remains in me. Every motorbike went by us is like a threat to me, and nerves in me made me ready to pounce on anyone to make sure we are safe!

Why? Why is my very own country making me feel so unsafe? In fact, I feel so much safer at Des Moines, Iowa, USA!! A foreign country is giving me the security instead of my very own country!! Why can't Malaysia improve? They say there will be no more bribery, they say there is 1 Malaysia, but I don't see any of these situation improving!! It's been 2 years since I step foot on Malaysia and no improvements have been made! This is so disappointing.

It's the same with government workers speaking English. 2 years went by and yet there are no improvement with them dealing in English. Yet the government change its English policy in high school back to BM. Outrageous! How can the country improve when the very basic thing is not met?! Sigh...

This is saddening. This is disappointing. Why why??

Monday, July 20, 2009

Manchester United @ Malaysia - Part 2

The post I have been waiting to put up is finally here!! =D Yes, it's all about Manchester United Football Club again!! Wahaha... Lucky me, I get to go for both the training session and also the actual match, which was worth every single penny!! =D

I managed to get a picture of every single player who played on Saturday night against Malaysia XI. No, I am a strong Man. Utd. fan, so I never catch much of the Malaysian players. Heck, even the whole stadium is turned to a sea of red!!

There's only one part (a couple of rows, or maybe a little handful more?) of Malaysian fans, though there are some more spread around the stadium, standing out like small mushrooms in a few of grass because of the color contrast. They did managed to make some noise to cheer the Malaysian team, but when Man. Utd. fans cheer, the noise level increase significantly and the Malaysian cheer has no where to be heard.

The match was a thrilling match, leaving everyone gasping till the 85th minute. It looked destined for a historic draw, but Man. Utd. new signing Michael Owen put the team in front and destroyed the Malaysian team's dream. Nevertheless, everyone was in for a Man. Utd. win and we got what we paid for. Wonderful.

With that said, the final score at 90th minute is 2-3 to Man. Utd. Even though the Malaysian team lost, everyone are impressed with their performance and start to have a little more faith in the team. Don't believe me? Compare the previous meeting score between Man. Utd. and Malaysia XI! It was 0-6 to Man. Utd. back then!! This time they at least held on the a level score after the opening of the second half and they put in a lot more enthusiasm and effort! Well, at least I am impressed with their performance. What do you think? =)

Alright, enjoy the Sea of Red at Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, as it is time for me to sign out and head back to my Dreamweaver studies. Adioz folks! =D

Friday, July 17, 2009

Manchester United @ Malaysia - Part 1

Today is July 17th, 2009. And it is also the day when Manchester United Football Club came all the way from Manchester, England to Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. Today is the first day of their Asia Tour 2009.

I attended their training session, which is about an hour long. It is the first time I get to see the players live instead of in the TV, which is amazing!

They are scheduled to play Malaysia XI tomorrow evening, where I can say almost 100% of the crowd are there to see the world's most famous football club (instead of supporting their very own country's football team!!).

As for now, I will be heading to bed earlier to recover from the sun burn I got earlier! Lol. Adioz!!