Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A walk in KL

I planned to take the train in KL, where the last train was said to be at 12am. But, when we reached there at 11.50pm, it was already closed. Same old Malaysia, never stick to their plans, causing trouble to everyone!! Anyway, we ended up walking.

Sad to say, there ain't a good feeling walking in KL late at night. Yes, I was a little paranoid, very very aware of my surroundings and our safety. We kept to the main roads which are well lighted by street lamps, but the fear still remains in me. Every motorbike went by us is like a threat to me, and nerves in me made me ready to pounce on anyone to make sure we are safe!

Why? Why is my very own country making me feel so unsafe? In fact, I feel so much safer at Des Moines, Iowa, USA!! A foreign country is giving me the security instead of my very own country!! Why can't Malaysia improve? They say there will be no more bribery, they say there is 1 Malaysia, but I don't see any of these situation improving!! It's been 2 years since I step foot on Malaysia and no improvements have been made! This is so disappointing.

It's the same with government workers speaking English. 2 years went by and yet there are no improvement with them dealing in English. Yet the government change its English policy in high school back to BM. Outrageous! How can the country improve when the very basic thing is not met?! Sigh...

This is saddening. This is disappointing. Why why??

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