Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey folks!! I am back in USA already! I finally managed to unpack my suitcase and boxes, managed to arrange them in my room as well. Yes, my room finally look more hospitable! Lol.

I took a walk to the bank yesterday, and I realized how far it is from the bank to my apartment! Sigh, even classes are far this time around. Lol. Have to wake up 10 minutes earlier I guess! =( Selling car anyone? I am interested in getting one. Heheh.

Weather here, it's still summer. Yeah, hot! Lol. But again, it's much better than Malaysia's hazy condition, at least the air here is fresh! =p I enjoyed walking to the bank yesterday, but started to feel the heat and the distance when I walked back from the bank. Lol. I should get some excersize going today, hmm...

Alright, got to carry on with my chores. Laundry is killing me!! =/ Adioz!

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