Friday, August 24, 2007


I have been spending quite a bit here in the US, but I see these spendings as necessary, so let's hope I won't be spending anymore. =p

First up, I have gotten my pair of basketball shoes. It cost 50 bucks, and I chose this shoe over an Air Jordan which cost 80 bucks. The main reason ain't the price, but is the looks. =p

Nice, ain't it? Check out the trees behind. Lolz. Didn't realize the scenery behind was so nice. LMAO

I spent on a pair of Quicksilver slippers as well. Yes, I do have one, but it ain't for walking. That one hurts my feet if I walk too long in it. So a new pair is a must. =p I spent on a new pair of jeans. Yes, Levi's jeans, which cost around 35 bucks. After converting is still much cheaper than one in Malaysia.

I bought two other T-shirts. Well, this ain't really necessary, but I guess I need a few new T-shirts instead of those that I am wearing for quite some time. Besides, my latest T-shirt is like a few months old, time to update it a little I guess. I bought two because it ain't worth it getting only one. Buying one cost 18 bucks, and buying the second one cost 88 cents. Tell me how not to buy the second one? =p

I feel a little guilty after splurging that much, and more guilty after converting it back to RM, which cost a big bomb. Yes, I do save a little here and there if I get these stuffs back in Malaysia, but still, spending this much in a day made me feel guilty. Let's hope that's all I need to spend on and also hope I get a job on campus. I think I won't feel so guilty anymore if I start to earn money here. =p That's all for today I guess. Adioz.

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