Friday, August 3, 2007

Departure -- engulfed with sadness yet delighted

Among all the good things in American University Program (AUP), there's something which I hate most -- good friends leaving you for another place. Yes, this post might be a tad emotional, but I can't help it, because two friends of mine left for the States yesterday.

Of course, like what the chinese proverb says, every meeting will have a parting. But sometimes the parting can just be heart breaking. Well, not that yesterday's parting was anyhow heart breaking to me, just that it reminds me that when I leave in around 2 weeks time, it would somehow have a lasting memory stored in the puny brain of mine.

The atmosphere during yesterday's parting was somehow mixed. Everyone was sending them off happily, wishing them all the best, but somehow you can just get the hint of sadness surrounding us. Knowing that you are leaving your friends and family behind for a foreign land for at least 2 years can really bring you down to tears I would say.

There's one thing I learnt yesterday though, that is try not to have so many of your friends to send you off. Yes, you will be glad that there are so many friends to send you off as it would somehow show your social status, but to shake everyone's hand and give them each a hug during departure, it will just shatter your ability to hold back your tears. The more people you hug, the more emotional you will get, and the longer you'll need to hold back your tears. In the end, you most likely will end up shedding tears.

I think the reason why I am feeling so emotional over the departure of these two friends is because one of them have been quite close to me, always chatting and joking; and the other, I would say we have the same interest.

He's always there for me to complain that I am bored, and almost always drives me around, though I did drove him around before. He was the one whom introduce me more to the IT world, and also the Chinese literature world. Drawing is his talent, but he never did say his drawings are pretty. Humble, down to earth and a good friend he is, and I wish him all the best in his future. If there's any work recommendation for aerospace engineering, do tell me. That's my friend's major.

The other guy, though I don't meet as often as compared with the former, do have a same interest with me. Whatever that interest was, I felt very sad when he came over to hug me and say goodbye. He was in tears, and it nearly brought me to tears as well. Laid back and casual as he is, he is still able to score in his subjects, I guess being smart is somehow affected by genes, don't you think? Somehow, I have a feeling that his social skills will make him stand out in everything he does. Wonderful.

Well, enough of emo-ing here I guess. I myself will be flying off to the States in 16 days time, and I could foresee another more emotional day coming. For now, let's just wish my two dear friends all the best. May our next meeting come soon. Adioz.

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