Sunday, May 20, 2007

A little updates

First of all, sorry for not updating these few days. Have been busy, and also lazy.

Anyway, I have got my visa done. But not without funny, and embarassing, memories. Lolz. After getting the visitor's pass, there was about 8 people in front of me waiting to enter the embassy. My stomach started to churn. Guess what? Diarrhea!! o.O God!! The only rest room is inside the embassy and I have to stand there and wait for 20 minutes!! The moment I clear all security checks, I ran to the rest room with the human waste practically at my anus!! OMG-ness. I bombed the toilet, or better known as zha dong geng. Lolz. It was a relieve after that and I got my visa. Hahaha... What a joke.

I have been playing basketball almost every evening nowadays. I am still waiting for Jian Wei to come back here to play ball with me. Haha... I know this sounds gay, but I miss him. I miss playing basketball with him. I miss owning people on court with him. Lolz. A few more days only. Can't wait!! ><

The state of Perak's Raja Muda got married. And I do think his bride is beautiful. Zara Salim Davidson, her name is. And the Raja Muda's wedding was all paid by himself, not using the state fund at all. How nice if all the ministers can be like him.

I tried out Wordpress a few days back. All because I wanted to have the option to create a password protected post. Yeah, Wordpress has that option. After clicking here and there, created a new blog, imported all the post here to there, I wanted to add stuffs to my new found blog. But, yes, a big fat but, I found it not really user friendly. I really need loads of time to get use to their terms, their way of putting up chatbox in blogs. The best of all, I still can't figure out how to add links to my blog at Wordpress. After hours of labor, I gave up and stick here. Therefore, I'll need to wait till Blogger comes up with the option to post a password protected post. And looks like I'll need to avoid all somewhat personal post! =p Let's hope Blogger solve this bug soon. Oh, Blogger also can't strike out words. You know? I can't even copy from Micorsoft Word and paste it here! Sigh...

Till then, tata!

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