Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jaime Bergman

I was watching Boa vs Python on Sunday. Well, it's an old show, I know. The story wasn't really great. But what caught my attention is, well, none other than the leading actress. =p Heck, she has such lovely blue eyes and wonderful figure, bla bla bla... I actually finished the whole show just because I want to see her!! Lolz. Pervert!

After the show, I decided to check her out on the internet. You know, maybe get some wallpaper for my old and boring wallpaper which has been there since god knows when!

I was shocked when the search results for images came in. I swear I didn't type anything else than "Jaime Bergman". Pictures of her came in and it surely did fill every man's dream of seeing her bare it all.

She's Playboy Playmate 1999. =.='''

I was a little disappointed. I mean, with her beautiful looks, she surely can do well, if not better, in the entertainment industry, don't you think so? Heck, she can act too!

Well, maybe she has her own reason for posing nude for Playboy. Therefore, let us not think till that complicated and just admire her, non nude of course!


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