Monday, May 21, 2007

Garden of Eden

I have a Garden of Eden, right in my front yard. Well, it's not exactly from heavens, but to me its wonderful. It's my mum's very own garden. She's the manager; the worker; the caretaker. Every plant, every branch, every leaf, every particle of the plants are showered with my mum's love. In return, the plants flaunt their natural beauty, showing their appreciation for all the love and care that they had taken.
This plant, also known as fu kwai fa in Cantonese, is older than me!!
It never fails to bear all its flower.
Ain't the flowers of this tree lovely? Lolz.
Another plant, the frangipani, ain't as old as me. It started to flaunt its beauty, and will never cease since the first day. I find this shot particularly nice, or artistic. Clear blue sky and looking up to a bunch of wonderfully colored flowers.
Not all plants bear flowers to show appreciation. Fruit of labor, I guess. =p
Too bad there aren't any orchids in full bloom now. But I am sure the day will come again, making my mum proud of her oh-so-lovely garden. =)

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