Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ladybug and disgrace

My mum got me this:

Never mind the maths as its background. I am supposed to start studying for my first professional paper, but I have yet to start. =p

Don't you think its cute? Lolz. Little blue ladybug. It's for me to hang on my phone, as a phone accessory. Well, it comes along with a loop so that I can hang other stuffs, acting as a key chain. How nice. =)

Well, besides its cuteness, it can come and haunt you too!

Boo! I am the ladybug ghost. Scared? =p


Remember the Man Utd tour which clash with the stupid AFC cup which I have posted here before? No? Let me refresh your memory. Disrespectful?

Well, after all the pointless arguments, involving even our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, Man Utd have finally decided to, damn, cancel their tour to Malaysia. Goddamn it! Mark my words, the AFC cup will have far lesser people watching it. Either it's protesting against it for not allowing Man Utd to play here or for no interest in the poor standard of football being played as compared to European's League, people here will still boycott the AFC cup.

Promoting Visit Malaysia Year 2007? What a disgrace.

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