Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good news and BAD NEWS

There's good news, and there's bad news. =(

First up, the good news. I didn't screw History 1 test 1 after all. I don't understand how he (Borges) allocate the marks for our answer, but everyone seems to be getting fairly good results. =) I got 71 marks, not sure it's out of 80 or 100. But anyway, it's just 0.7% difference if that matters.

Next, bad news. REAL BAD!! =( Borges finally got everyone into their trials. And we lost Grace to that bloody witchcraft trials. WTF?! What happened to all those people who raised their hand in support of that cliche witchcraft trial? If my memory (and Wern How's!) serve me right, I remember about half the class voted on witchcraft while the other half was on loyalist! And now you tell me that no one is interested in joining witchcraft, or rather only 6 people willingly join that trial. Where's the logic?! Sigh... I want Grace to be in my group! =( She and Wern How are the people we (me, David, Julian) waited for to take this class for the trials, and now we lost one of them. SOBS!!! Guess we gotta live with it. Borges don't allow changes! =(

Anyway, to add salt to my wounds, I am coming down with a bad flu. =( *sniff* Going to have sore throat soon. And I have basketball match this Saturday. Wonder how will I survive. =(

Sigh. Signing off from a bad day.

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