Monday, June 18, 2007

Funny, yet important, if not disaster will happen!

Do you remember the news about some lorry ramming into an over head bridge because the driver never realize the height limit? After that some other bus ram into the same bridge, also failing to heed the warning sign.

Another similiar incident, nearer to my house, will be some lorry drivers never realize their vehicle's height, resulting in traffic congestion because they ram into some height barrier built there. All these accidents caused damage to their vehicles, caused some traffic congestions, probably some damage to those structures involved, and that's about it.

But what actually caught my attention was this sand barge in China. There was a huge bridge across the river, and the sand barge ram straight into it! Guess what happens next? Part of the bridge collapse! I am not sure if there are any deaths (high chances there are), but I mean, shouldn't the pilot knows his ship well enough to avoid these accidents? From what I heard last, there are still 7 cars missing after falling into the river.

So, to compare those few incidents mentioned above will be way too insignificant compared to the incident in China, wouldn't it? I guess people should be more aware and alert! Lolz

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