Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Malaysia recently have this advertisement which aims to educate people about law on the road. It has a common theme which is, children also know about the rules, what reason you have as an adult to not obey the rules. It show scenes such as children in the park playing but stop to look at 'oncoming traffic' at a pedestrian walkway or children sitting at the back of the car saying cutting queue in a traffic congestion is wrong. Worst still, I recently heard on the radio, a young boy pointing out that someone is doing above 80km/h on a road with a speed limit of 80km/h.

Well, one can argue that if children know the rules, what reason is there for adults not to obey the rules. But then again, does children have the same maturity as adults? Does children know how to think as rational as adults?

For example, if you drive on a 4 lanes straight road with a speed limit of 80km/h, would you stick to the speed limit? The road is so straight that it streched for almost 3km and the condition is dry. Do you think people will stick to that speed limit?? Don't you think other people will tend to speed above the speed limit even if you keep to it?? You will end up as a road hazard if you keep to the speed limit, don't you think?

Therefore, what I think is, even though using this theme to encourage people to obey laws, I don't think everything is possible. Children does not have the same rational as adults, neither they have the same maturity. I am against this theme, and I truly hate those advertisements! A disgrace to both children and adults. And here you (the government) are promoting visiting Malaysia year 2007. Excuse me? Clean up all the dirt in the country first before promoting our country to other people around the world!! There is even a report in the newspaper saying tourist does not really see what is so beautiful in our country and will think twice before coming back! Wake up, my dear government! Haiz... Signing off... *disappointed*

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