Saturday, February 17, 2007

Genting Highland

I went to Genting yesterday. Yeah, no big deal. Lolz. Here are some pictures.

I found this in the middle of Starbucks. Flood the place anyone?? =p

Nice CNY decoration eh? =)

What?! Genting's temperature is only 23.3 Celcius?! How I wish it is colder...

Nice lights... =)

Mum and Dad.

A great hand ain't it?


After... Cool. =p

Jaguar! XD

Believe it or not, it's a Nissan Cefiro. It's soooo different from the ones we have here in Malaysia eh?

Few moments to remember:

1. I was walking out after dinner and there was this lady who is quite pretty who sat down at a table. What she didn't realize is the three guys sitting in the neighbouring table was staring at her!! Lolz...
2. I spent RM50 in Starbucks!! wtf... With my brother... -.-'''
3. I almost walked into all the shops in First World. Lolz
4. I spent some time in the visitor's gallery. A nice place. =)

Ok, that's all folks. Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of the Pig bring us all good luck and great opportunities! =) Bye!!


grace said...

tsk tsk tsk.... and you're one of the guy who stared at her!!
<(^@^)> happy pig year..

the cars here are nicer and cheaper.
my friend's only 5000USD..and it's "VW" that brand.and's very very very nice and's leather seats..

babyfooser said...

hahaha... grace... I didn't stare at her... I just happen to glance at her... hey hey... I was walking by lah... how to stare and walk without crashing into something at the same time?? hehee... =p

omg... I know cars are cheap there... but I didn't know it's THAT cheap!! =p I want VW Golf GTi!! hahaha...

grace said...

cars are cheap..
insurances are not cheap