Thursday, February 8, 2007

What the heck?!

I was listening to some songs the other day. The radio station was airing it. I personally like those songs. But what annoyed me is the censoring of those songs.

The word 'God' is being censored, but the word next to it, 'damn', was not censored. I mean, what in the world is wrong with the word 'God'?! And ain't the word 'damn' supposed to be vulgar?! When you put these two words together and come up with 'Goddamn', and you choose just to censore one half of it, shouldn't the part 'Damn' be censored instead of the word 'God'?? I am no Christian, neither Muslim. And I have no intention in offending any religion in this world. But this is just outrageous. With these censoring, does it mean that Christian countries censor the word 'Allah' if they appear in any sort of movies or songs or any media?? It doesn't make sense to me that the Malaysian Censoring Board is doing these kinds of racist censoring.

Another issue in censoring. This issue always appear in movies being aired in Malaysia, especially local tv station. Guess what? Kissing, fighting, the word pig (yes!! Believe it or not?!), and many other stuffs are being censored.

Come on, what in the world is wrong with kissing?? It's just showing affection, and both parties are willing to do it, not that they are being forced or anything.

Fighting. Yes, I agree that some scene may be to violent for young children, but age old fighting scenes such as those from Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?? C'mon, you've gotta be kidding. What's the use of watching these shows when the main attraction is the fighting and it is being censored?

The most racist of all, based on my personal opinion, is the censoring of the word 'pig'. Imagine watching a chinese movie. A joke comes up, with the word 'zhu' (pig in mandarin) as the main joke being censored. How on earth will people get the joke?! Besides that, even the picture of a pig, even the piggy bank, is being replaced with some jumbled-squared-picture. Ain't that offending to other religion??

Yet the government wants to promote cultural diversity. What the heck?!

Another censoring issue, where most guys will definitely agree with me, is the censoring of low cut dresses. Excuse me?? Don't you know what is called fashion?? And don't you know how to appreciate nice body curves?? If sensitive parts are shown then of course I will agree to the censoring. But just showing a little cleavage must be censored?! That's going overboard, don't you think??

Well, there are many more issues regarding censoring in Malaysia which annoys me. It sometimes make me wonder how is it like in other countries such as the States or Europe or the Middle East. I have seen commercial ads in Australia, and kissing and beer are not censored at all. Well, censoring beer can be accepted. But censoring affection is definitely a no-no for me. I don't see anything wrong in it. Don't tell me you don't kiss your loved ones?? Yes, I must say that there are many other ways of showing love and affection, but ain't kissing the most affectionate?? As long as both parties are willing, I don't see anything wrong with it. Prove me wrong, can you??

Well, these rantings here definitely won't make any changes to the censoring in Malaysia I would say. Therefore I can only resort to original copies or uncensored copies of materials. I look forward to going to the States in August, at least these censoring won't bug me anymore, or so I hope. As for now, let's listen to some uncensored songs. Ciaoz!!


nutcrackers said...

Oi, they even fine people who show affection in public lah.. Hugging is also considered indecent... What more can you say?

jennz said...

guess what?? I saw a picture in the papers today... It reads 'no couples'!! What the heck is wrong in their minds?! Don't tell me they want to be single for as long as they live!! Disgusted...

grace said...

what happened to malaysia??

babyfooser said...

sigh... it's been like that even before you left malaysia... just that maybe you didn't felt it... haiz...