Thursday, February 22, 2007


I was reading the newspapers today, and I came across a particular article with a picture of it. It broke my heart. I felt disgusted instantly and also felt so sorry for the poor thing. What I saw in the picture was this dog who is badly injured on the front leg. After reading what the article wrote, I found out what happened. The dog was tied up with a motorcycle brake chain. It was tied up so tightly to its leg till it cut the flesh and broke the bone. The picture showed the dog's wound. It's something like this:

Look at your hand. Imagine this. Slightly above your wrist, draw a line. About 3cm further up, draw another line. In between those lines, no flesh exists. Just a patch of dried blood and a broken bone.

Yes, that is the same situation the poor dog is suffering. To add salt to wound, the dog is now terrified when human come near it. It has suffered physically and also psychologically!

How could someone do such cruel act to an animal?! What is wrong with these people's mind?! Do you like it if I do that to you?! Even if someone give you a slap for no reason you won't like it right?! What's more than cutting up your flesh and breaking your bone? Don't you have any compassion?? Don't you have any love?? What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?! If I ever found out who did that to the poor little dog, and if the law allows me to punish him/her however I want, I would want to do the same thing on him/her, to ALL FOUR OF THOSE BLOODY USELESS LIMBS!! I agree I do sound cruel, but, does all these punishment still make sense after what that bloody id**t did to that poor little dog?? All these sufferings the dog has to go through and has yet to go through. It just does not bring back justice for the poor little dog. What sin has the dog done to deserve such cruelty?? I really feel so sorry for the dog and feel disgusted and angry that such action can actually take place. What on earth is wrong with that id**t's mind?!

As for now, all we can do is just pray and hope for the best for the poor little dog. And also hope that there will be NO more such cruelty and injustice! Signing off... *disgusted and sad*

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