Thursday, February 8, 2007


I went to Halo Cafe at Sunway Pyramid for Victor, Ing Ling and bf's farewell. Yes, I know the name Halo reminds you of some video game, but this cafe has nothing to do with it. It's quite a nice place to chill out and relax. Everyone was playing with their camera, therefore my hand had an itch and I cured it by my phone. Lolz

First up, the food. Me and Victor ordered the same thing, Mongolian Fried Rice, except mine is pork and his is chicken. Can you see the difference?

Nope, I can't. Tell me if you do. =p

Next, the drinks. Halo Cafe has their own cocktail style drinks, just that it has non-alcoholic and alcoholic. As most of us are driving, non-alcoholic became our choice. This is Evans, mine and Victor's drink. (L to R)

Looks nice eh? Trust me, it doesn't taste as good as it looks. I think the alcoholic cocktails will taste better. Maybe I shall give it a try next time, if I ever go back to that cafe. =p

Next, some crazy snapping of my wonderful N70. Lolz.

This is Fah Heung and Jacyln. See? They also ordered these weird drinks. Haha...

Everyone is busy with something, in the dark. Don't know why my camera didn't flash this time, maybe some light was shining into the light sensor. Haha...

Ing Ling and her bf. Both of them are going to leave soon. =( sigh...

Fah Heung, Jacyln and Wai Nee.

Wai Nee. Busy with your cam huh?? Gotcha... =p

Who ask you to always avoid the camera?? That's the reason why everyone wanna take picture of you. Too bad. =p

Of course, the main man. Victor!! Lolz... Poser. How sad, he's leaving soon. Don't worry, you will get your shoes in time. Hehehe... Take care dude, all the best to you in your studies. Let's count the probability of us meeting again, shall we?? What are all those integrations and differentiations for?? Hahaha.. Actuarial Science peeps... =p

We sat around and listen to some live performance on the stage as well. A couple was singing. Victor even went up the stage to sing, too bad I went to the mall to shop for a CNY card. Lolz. We chilled till the mall close, not bad huh?

Well, that's all I guess. Now I am waiting for all those camera's pictures. Waiting waiting waiting... lolz... All the best to those who are leaving. So long!! Take care!! Ciaoz...

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