Friday, March 2, 2007

DYP Night out @ Racks Cafe

Here's a little on what happened in my life recently instead of complaints against the government. Lolz.

I had my debut in Draw Your Partner (DYP) yesterday night. Its sort of a small competition in foosball where participants draw their own partner. It's by luck who they draw, and I wasn't fortunate enough to draw a pro player. Instead, I was the better player compared with my partner! OMG! You know how bad was that?! Anyway, my first match was against Daniel and another guy which I do not know his name. My pull shot was very consistent yesterday night. We won the first round, with my pull shot killing my opponent. It was practically invincible!! THEY CAN'T BLOCK, NEITHER CAN THEY SEE!! Scary?? hehe... Second round, same case, we race to a 4-2 lead in a race to 5 game. Their turn to start the ball and the ball went through my midfield, couldn't remember whether was it a fluke pass or a nice pass. Anyway, my partner panicked. I think my opponent sensed that my partner was panicking and he just calmly put the ball in. Damn, I thought!! I started the ball, and managed to pass it through my opponent's midfield. I set it up for my pull, but I couldn't seem to control the ball and loss possesion of it. Nerves I think, since I am so close to victory. The defender managed somehow to hit the ball and bounce it off the wall for a fluke shot. Again, my defender panicked and the ball entered. -.-''' Game tied at 4-4! I got the ball to my striker, but somehow didn't managed to put the ball in. I think I was too anxious to put the ball in that my passes were in a mess as I was in between hacking and passing. In the end they scored and we were tied at a game each. The last game wasn't much of a fight. Too many fluke shots and also nice shots, but my defender is in a mess and we never did block their shots. We lost the game. It was never a turn around in the loser's bracket. Call it fluke shot as I might, but I think my defender was way too messy and let too many balls ROLL in. In the end we got ding-donged. Sigh. Therefore, the lesson is, no matter how good your striker bar is, your midfield must be strong as well, and your defender must never panic. The reason I lost should be my midfield is not up to par, and (yes, call me a sore loser you may), my defender is shaky and not consistent enough. Next DYP maybe I would do better, and I do hope I partner someone of a pro, maybe like Zayd!! I saw him teaching his partner a few tricks, how I wish I was his partner!! Maybe then we can own!! Next time... =(

Anyway, I met Oliver and had a little chat with him as he requested in the foosball forum. I shook his hand, and told him who I was. He went like,
"Hey fucker!! hahhaha... Good good, now at least I have a face to link the name with in the forum. Good good... mahai..."
-.-''' (sorry about the vulgarity, but I was just quoting him.) Nice fella, as his reputation always regard him as a friendly fooser. Met him again on the way out of the complex to my car.
"Ooi!! So fast mati ah?? Aiya... What is this man?! Hahaha... Next time lah..."
-.-''' How am I supposed to survive without a good partner lah dei?? Lolz. Anyway, nice seeing him and chatting with him. =p

Well, that's about all for my debut in DYP. I hope I'll get better and at least manage to win one or two DYP before I leave to the States! Hahaha... Big dreams... =p Ciaoz!!

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