Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Texas Road House

Well, no. I don't have the chance to go over to Texas yet. Texas Road House is a steak house right here in Des Moines. =p

Anyway, I finally got to taste the famed Texas Road House. It was said to have by far really great steaks, and someone was telling me that their bread that they served as appetizers are great too! Well, it sure did lived up to it's name!

I had prime rib, and how else should it be cooked other than medium-rare? I have had prime ribs at other outlets here in Des Moines, but this is by far the best! Yes, no kidding! It was so tender, well marinated, and well roasted to perfection! Simply amazing.

They even served buckets of peanuts, classic! Just that this time we are supposed to throw the shells into the empty bucket, instead of on the floor. But on my way out I happened to saw that we can actually throw the shells on the floor at the waiting area! Totally into the mood.

Outside Texas Road House. We couldn't find a better spot for a group picture. This was by the entrance. So please ignore the shiny 'disabled parking' sign! =p

Waiters and waitresses do some cheers if it is your birthday, and they happened to line dance to a music while we were enjoying our food. Really, it does get you into the cowboy mood. The place is well decorated also, with deer heads and stuffs like that. There was even a rattlesnake skin decoration!

If you were to ask me where to go for steak, I will tell you the answer, without hesitation. Yes, TEXAS ROAD HOUSE!!

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