Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yes, I know I haven't been here often enough recently, always with long absence in between posts. But, please don't blame me. I am just too busy, and (I must admit) sometimes just too lazy or nothing to post about. Anyway, just some updates in this post, and hopefully I have more time to write something here after that.

First up, Malaysian Night, themed M-Night, is this Saturday at 6.30pm. I am involved in two performances, which are taking up a lot of time recently. What performance you ask? Well, one of it is Chinese Traditional Flag Dance, and the other one is martial arts, or rather a fighting scene. It's the full rehearsel tonight, and hopefully everything turn out as planned.

Well, that is not all for this Saturday. Drake's annual Street Painting is on the afternoon of Saturday! The Malaysian Society actually got a spot on the street to proudly display their name this time around! Cheers to Tony Chang who came up with a brilliant sketch which won us a spot on the famous street. I can't wait to attend the event!

Another piece of update, I actually got an internship! It's a statistical analyst position, which sort of act as a consultant to the company. I am excited and delighted to get the offer, and I can't wait to start work! =p But the scary part, and also the best part of the job, is that decisions will be made based on my work alone, and the cost can run up till half a million! Gosh, I sense a heavy burden coming down on my shoulders, but then again it will be a great achievement for me to actually make decision for projects which involve so much money. Let's hope I do well and gain invaluable experience!

Besides getting an internship, I actually will be moving off campus as well! Yes, I have actually found a place, and I will be staying with my friend. We had a look at the place, and it was wonderful. Things should be settled after Malaysian Night I guess. =p

Alright, I guess that's all for now. I will post videos of my performances and pictures of Malaysian Night when it's over. =)

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vagus said...

how long more do you have in des moines, anyway?