Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Relays 2008

Finally, some time where I can let my writings loose! =p

As I have said in an earlier post, I join in the fun for the Drake Relays, one of the two biggest event to be held in Iowa annually. Where is it you say? It is held right here at Drake University! And Drake students can witness everything for free using their student ID! Well, we did pay for tuition fees, so I guess technically it's not entirely free? Lol.

Anyway, it was a big event, just like a scaled-down Olympic. Every track and field event was held, and participants from other states come and compete with each other for the championship. Really, talents and young athletes are abundant and it's a great pleasure having an opportunity to watch them showing their talents, knowing that some of them may be Olympic champion some day! The route to stardom!! =p

Everything was great, except for one incident where I happened to witness. It was the men's 4x100 relays. One of the first runner tripped while passing the baton, his team mate was about to continue running when the baton was recovered, but stopped when he saw the state of the first runner. He was on the floor, in pain. The only people there was his team mate, and an official who still hold up his flag stating that they didn't pass the baton legally.

Excuse me official? Don't you know how to get help? Where are the medics? After the whole race, and with the winners making their victory round, help finally arrived. From what I saw, it sure looks like a dislocated shoulder resulted from the fall. Luckily it's just a dislocated shoulder, and not a fracture which puncture his lungs or something of that magnitude. But still I believe Drake's emergency team should have reacted way better.

Anyway, due to the relays, bars and clubs around the area have parties for the whole weekend, and almost all of the places are packed with people. I joined in the fun as well, danced to some music and had a blast of a weekend, admist working in the mornings. =p

Now that relays are over, finals are coming. Yes, that means time for studying and studying and studying. Though I am lazy, I still have to put in effort, right? Lol. Group study for finals anyone? =p

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