Monday, July 9, 2007


I watched Transformers today. Outdated you say? This is my second time watching. Oops!

I have to admit, this show is so so good. No matter what the critics say, good or bad, I still say this is a great movie to watch. You would have thought that knowing what's going to happen next in the movie takes away the fun and excitement, but you would be so wrong with this movie. This is my second time watching this movie, and I still find myself deeply sucked into all the actions in the movie. The excitement never drops each time I hear those automobiles transform into those high tech wonderful beings. Anyone care to get the DVD for me so that I can watch it over and over again? =p

I met my dear Miss Khor today, together with Chang and Jon. The 4 of us had a great time chatting over a cuppa tea (well, not exactly tea, just for the saying). She's still as cute as ever, and of course, still running high with all her limitless energy! It's really a lost that she's not teaching in INTI anymore. All the new students won't get to know such a wonderful lecturer, more so a great friend. I really hope I won't lose her contacts. Really.

Should I get a flexible keyboard? You know, the kind where you connect to the computer with a USB and can bend and roll the keyboard? Those soft keyboards, like those in the show Die Hard 4.0. My guess is that it can be quite handy later on, instead of always typing on a laptop's keyboard. Should I spend that money? Will it be wise? So far I heard the price today is RM 29. Maybe I should try Low Yat, if it's lower than RM 25, I'll probably get it. Wait and save money.

Nothing much today I guess. Fatigue creeping into my limbs now, and my head is starting to get a little dizzy. It shouldn't be lack of sleep, so my guess will be -- too much of sleep! LoL.

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