Friday, July 6, 2007

Mati Keras 4.0

Oops, sorry. I just translated the movie's title to malay. Beg your pardon. It's Die Hard 4.0 (aka live free or die hard in the States). It's Friday again, and this time I caught the movie sei ngang. =p

If you want a movie with ass kicking, butt whacking, nerve wracking, amazing stunts, watch Die Hard 4.0 then. It's not really fighting and explosion every minute of the show, but it's enough to keep you excited over all the commotion. I am glad that the director, Len Wiseman, actually spend time building up the villian's character, and also build up the courage in McClane's side kick, the computer whiz Matthew Farrell.

This show is about a group of hackers ripping apart the United States by hacking in the computer systems that run the country. It truly shows how dependant we are on computers in this technological age. Without them, we will be back to the stone age; with them, we may be destroyed in a matter of days. Don't believe me? Watch the movie.

Anyway, the main villian is played by Timothy Olyphant. I would say he played his role well. It's quite convincing to me that he was the one who wrote the computer programs for almost the whole government of the United States. His partner, also lover, is played by the oh-so-hot Maggie Q. Gosh, I would love to be the one kissing Maggie Q!! LOL

Unfortunately, Maggie Q doesn't get so much screen time even though she's the eye candy of the show. I guess playing villian reduces your screen time, doesn't it? I would dare say lots of guys out there would appreciate more screen time from Maggie Q. Why? Well, not many female can exude sexiness in a whole movie just by wearing two different black suits, am I not right?

All in all, I would give this movie an 8 out of 10. Oh, for the boys (and maybe some girls), this show also showcase how maneuverable and deadly the F-22 Raptor can be. Wonderful! I would say this movie is surely worth paying to watch in the cinema, but Transformers is still the undisputed champion blockbuster, wouldn't it be? =)

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