Friday, July 20, 2007


Nice date eh? I had my hair cut and had my AUP Ball 2007 on that day, which by the time I post this, I can say it's yesterday.

I went to A Cut Above to get my hair done, and roughly 6 inches of hair shrank to 1 inch!! My my, what a change! My head feels a hundred pounds lighther. -.-''' Guess what? I spend RM13 for every inch I cut of my hair! The highest so far that I have ever paid for my hair. W. T. F.

I haven't got any pictures of the ball yet, so you can't see how the ball looks like, and how freaking short my hair is. =p That's the wonder of hiding behind the wall of anonimity on the web, isn't it?

Anyway, I would say the ball was great, eventhough it lacked a little on the organization. Girls in dress really showcase their beauty eh? Everyone looks so glam up and pretty on the night, those who already look pretty in T-shirts and jeans look even prettier, I must say.

I particularly like the male emcee's style. Eventhough he took a little time to warm up, his spontaneous reactions and comments was da bomb! And great job done by our very own DJ Jason, who jammed up some cool mixes to get the crowd shaking and grinding. Oops! Is this supposed to be a college ball or a clubbing party? I guess everyone loosen up towards the end. =p Too bad I sprained my ankle and couldn't really join the crowd. It was fun soaking up the atmosphere from the side though.

High school gathering cum farewell cum birthday party coming up next, or rather in a few hours time. Yet, I am still here ranting about yesterday, even without any pictures to show. How lifeless I can be eh? Gotta run!

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