Sunday, April 1, 2007

Malacca Food

If you ever get to Malacca, here are some food I would recommend you to try.

First of all, something for breakfast. How about a steaming hot plate of nasi lemak?

What is so special about this? Well, they steam the rice instead of boiling it, together with coconut milk, the aroma is so salivating and the rice never gets smashed up. You can see all the rice in their shape without damage.

At the same place they sell mee goreng. It's kind of plain mee goreng, just with extra spicy chilli. I think that's what keeps people coming back for the mee goreng. But beware, after effects for those who has a weak stomach may end up spending more time in the toilet to get rid of the excessive oil in it!

After breakfast, lunch. Chicken rice anyone? Not any normal chicken rice, but it's this:

Yes, that's the rice. It's moulded into rice balls, with ginger, garlic, and of course, rice in it. It taste good itself and it's possible just to have the rice without chicken meat. =p But then again, what's chicken rice without the chicken meat, isn't it? And so here comes the chicken meat...

Too bad today is just a one day trip to Malacca. Therefore I can't post something up for dinner to complete a day's meals. There are loads of other food you can get in Malacca, and, trust me, they taste great!!

Anyone care to drive me down to Malacca? I can repay you by introducing nice food to satisfy your passion for food!! Of course, go Dutch. =p But I don't mind if you care to pay for me...

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