Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ironic life?

I went to Walmart yesterday, to get my groceries and stuffs like that. Well, what made this post is because I met two persons yesterday which really made me wonder.

The first person, an Indian cashier. He have hearing difficulties. It didn't bother me much because all I need to do was just put the stuffs I bought on the conveyor belt, put it back into the cart, swipe my card, and off I can go. But then he started to chat with me. He wrote on a piece of paper:

"Do you go to school? Where?"
I looked at him, then wrote back: "Yes, Drake."
His eyes lit up. He then wrote: "What's your major?"
Interesting guy I thought. Well, I answered: "Actuarial Science and Finance."
Clearly he looked impressed. He went on and asked: "Where are you from?"
I swiped my card, then wrote: "Malaysia. You?"
He did what a cashier should do, then wrote: "India. I am going to ISU."

Now I am impressed. Really impressed. I looked at him, shook his hand and wished him luck. He must have a lot of courage and passion for study, must he not? These are the kind of people which is called successful and to be respected.

I walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. Across the street was a man holding a card board which wrote: "Hungry. Need Food." And he showed that card to every car which stopped at the junction.

I thought to myself, how ironic. Inside in Walmart, I just met a person who strive very hard for a good life even thought he is handicapped; and not outside of Walmart, I met a person totally opposite. To me, he just gaved up on his life, and he is as perfect as a normal person could be. If he was to be wasting his time begging for food, why can't he get a job to support himself? I am sure Walmart can hire him, or maybe Hyvee or some other companies.

But then I saw something which he can be proud of. Someone offered to get him a beer instead of food. He answered: "No beer. I don't drink." Well, at least he held on to that principle of his.

Well, I guess I should treasure what I have and work harder for a better life! Study harder and work harder... =p

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