Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good food!

For the past two days, I had good food for lunch. =) What a relief.

First was Indian food at a restaurant named Indian Star. It is Indian food, buffet style, but Americanize. It was good. To add on suffering from campus food, it made the Indian food taste extraordinarily great. There was Roti Naan, which taste similiar to Malaysia's Roti Canai! Then there was the curry chicken. Oh my god! Curry! I have never tasted curry for almost a month! It was Americanize though, meaning it wasn't hot. It has all the taste of a curry, just that it wasn't spicy/hot enough. But all in all, it was good food, buffet style. Me and Adrian helped ourselves big time! Thanks to Anthony who brought us there. =)

Next was lunch with my host family today. Yes people, I have a host family here in Des Moines. It's wonderful to have a host family, get to play with the kids, and talk to someone. I would say it's very interesting. Anyway, back to the topic, FOOD. Well, it's American food, but still taste way better than campus food. The corn was cooked to perfection, unlike Hubbel's, which is overcooked. Then there was grilled chicken fillet, and baked potato cubes with onion and green pepper, and toasted cheese bread and garlic bread.

Oh what heaven! Good food entering my mouth to my digestive system! Wonderful!

Okay, a little about my host family. They came to pick me up, together with Shze Yeong, who happens to have the same host family as me. We hit the freeways, with me enjoying the sceneries. There was golf course and corn fields and cars. Then came their housing area.

O. M. G.

Every house look so pretty. Each with a big piece of land as their backyard, and another piece of land as their front yard. Well, I have seen this in Australia, but I still got fascinated with it. When we reached the house, I can't help but to think that this family is quite well to do.

A few things other than the food worth mentioning here are:

  1. They have a basketball rim at the front yard, which like almost every house in the area has one some where in the yard.
  2. They have 5 cars, and one of them is a Pontiac sports car.
  3. They have a foosball table, though it's those kind for kids. I got my hands on it a while though.
  4. They have a a huge flat screen tv. How huge? Roughly 50'' I would say. Maybe a little bigger.
  5. I lost count on how many bicycles they have.
  6. Their children, 3 boys and 1 girl, are so adorable.
  7. The way children are brought up here is very different from the way children are brought up back in Malaysia.
  8. They have a cat, a huge cat; a tortoise which have blood red eyes looking so fierce; and a few fish.

I wish I will have the chance to own a house some sort like that later in life, whether here or any where else on Earth. =p It's just too nice. Okay, maybe I need more time to get use to it. But I still love it, won't deny and never will deny. =)

I am coughing yet I ate ice cream. I had a sudden urge to eat ice cream. Yes, I am crazy. Good night folks.

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