Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

Guess what? I got to watch The Dark Knight yesterday! I watched it at an iMax theather in downtown Des Moines! Hey hey, some part of the film is specially filmed for iMax, so it's of course worth it watching at an iMax theather, don't think so? =p

Anyway, there won't be any spoiler here. It is a very good movie, and it surely lived up to its hype. Hey, the queue to enter the theather started building an hour before the show! Another thing, tickets are sold out in almost all cinema here! That's how many people watching it. Amazing. And I must say this iMax experience is way better than the first one I had in Omaha. Lol!!

I must say this movie deserve 4.5 stars, or maybe 4.8 stars, out of a 5 stars scale. Yes, it is truly a good movie, one worth watching. Heck, the whole theather clapped once the movie ended. Everyone was in awe how good the movie is!! Go watch it for yourself, don't wait till they stop screening it! Dig up your piggy banks and look under your couch for money if you have to, just make sure you watch it at the cinema, or a surround sound home theather system! =p

Truly a good movie. And now let us all remember the person who gave his all for this movie, Heath Ledger.

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