Saturday, April 25, 2009

Updates!! =D

Ahh...  I found time to update in the space of a few days!  How wonderful!!  =D

It's Drake Relays weekend, and everyone is in the party mood!!  It's making me so lazy to do anything.  Coupled with the rainy weather today, it is really tempting to sleep in for the whole day!!  Well, what made me wake up this early today?  Sadly, I can't sleep in.  Lol.  I woke up around 8am, laze around for some time more, finally gave up trying to continue to sleep and went out getting a 2 mile run in.  It was great!  Running in a little chilly weather, occasional rain drops falling on my head, it surely was fun to run!  =D

What am I doing now?  Well, sitting at Jewett's common room, with my laptop, well, on my lap, waiting for my football match to start at 11.30am.  =D  Heck, I am even wearing my Man. Utd. jersey!!  Go Manchester United!!  We will win the Premier League and also the Champions League!!  =D

Too bad today's weather is raining, if not I will whip out my camera and start taking some pictures of blossomming flowers!  =D  I am hoping tomorrow's weather is nice, but looks like the forecast isn't saying so.  =(

Aight, it's about time to watch my game!  Till then, adioz!!  =D

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