Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year, with a new resolution! =D

Gone is 2008, here comes 2009!! This year is the year of my graduation, end of the year though. This year will also be a year of changes in my life, change for the better I definitely hope. Of course, this year will also be another chapter in my life.

Well, what better way to start off the new year with a hair cut on New Year's Day itself?! Hahaa... Yes folks, I have my longish, untidy hair cut. =D
These are pictures of my old hair style, my longish hair:

In the process of turning ugly to uglier then to the light at the end of the tunnel...

And walla!! My new hair style!!

What do you think? Are you shocked? No need to deny, people who saw me with my new mane are quite shocked at first, then smile and laugh. =p Hey hey, I don't mind!! The most important person said I am cute, and my parents like it, so I am happy. Wahahaha...

Well, there are a few things on this year's resolution for me, and here goes:

1. Build my resume, adding value to myself. I wanna learn Visual Basic, and also pass actuarial exams!!

2. Build my body, adding muscle to myself, LOL!! I am still dreaming of being able to do a slam dunk!!

3. Build my bank, adding money to my bank!! =p I wanna go somewhere nice, somewhere I have yet to visit. =)

I think that's all now. Surely, I can add more to the list in the future, but I will not decrease it. Everything on the list is something I can achieve, and is something valuable to me. Let us all strive to achieve our New Year's Resolution!! =D


moY said...

JeNNIE!! hahaha
It's back to Lick Hung style for u isn't it? kekekekke

Actually smart move to go crew cut since it's so expensive to get a cut in the saloon.

You look gangster-ish not cute... must be the bling-bling stud!

moY said...


jennz said...

hahaha... yeap yeap... lick hung style man!! my head feel so light now!! wahahahaa....

i said i look gangster-ish also.... but my girl said i look cute.... so either one is also fine with me... wahaha... i also think it's the bling... lol