Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just ranting...

I am bored, and laden with assignments. How unfortunate. Finals is another 3 weeks or less away, and my studies isn't going as well as I thought it would be, especially my Stats 2!! Even though I am laden with all these assignments, I still prefer it over examinations, and I do take time to do it nicely and take time off to relax my mind.

Friends gathering is a great way to relax from all these hectic and crazy work. I just had one yesterday night, and I would like to shout aloud a great big THANK YOU to Randy and Rachel. They cooked some wonderful dinner, and we had some games together, which where most of the fun came from.

I once heard that to know someone truly, give him/her alcohol or cards. Well, I think it still stand true and will stand true forever. No no, don't get me wrong, no one in the gathering yesterday gave me a bad impression. It's quite the opposite actually. I got to know someone who is very smart, intelligent, and wonderful. Well, I did know before hand that she's very smart, and very alert to everything that's happening around, but it is still amazing how she can do it in such a pretty way. Schweet!

Anyway, we did tiramisu after some booze. The effect of the alcohol cleared off, and we had fun doing tiramisu, learning from someone who have actually done it before and done it perfectly. Hey hey, this boy here actually know how to make tiramisu already! I am eating it now, and it taste very good. Well, I didn't actually do much of it, but I was there to witness the process, and helped out a little. So I guess it's all of the pretty chef's work! Brilliant!

After being here for two months or more, I get to know people more in depth, or that's how I feel. Some times there are just people whom I can't tolerate; and some times there are people who are just so wonderful. I guess different upbringing does have effect on everyone.

I also get to know myself a little better. Guess what? I am a big spender. No no, don't say you are too. I spend 60 usd on a pair of wonderful headphones, 80 usd on an external hard drive, and tonnes of dollars on vacations and clothes and snacks and food. I even chose to buy something that is not on discount instead of the discounted item! That's how crazy I am. And I have this thought behind my head which tells me, if I have the money, I would have a walk in wardrobe just for shoes, and another one on jeans. Well, maybe I can join the two wardrobes, but I really hope I can have shoes that match my outfit whenever I want. =p And I am still looking for a pair of WHITE jeans. Yes, pure white. =p

Alright, enough of crap on this cold and wet day. Maybe I should continue enjoying the tiramisu she made, and get some sleep as a reward of finishing two assignment in one afternoon! Adioz... ;-)

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