Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh Crap!

Finally I have sat for my first ever professional paper, the first step to embark on a journey, to set sail my career. Unfortunately, it was way tougher than I have expected. I don't think anyone expect it to be this tough as well. Anyway, there's no turning back, so let's just wait for the result and see how it goes from there.

The word busy seems to hang on me these days! I guess that explains my absence here. I am supposed to study for my finance test tomorrow, yes yes, the day right after my professional paper, how unfortunate. Still, I am too drained out and lazy to study for it now, that's why I am here ranting.

You think one test is not enough? Add my IS44 assignment due tomorrow to the equation! Gosh! I really should start on all those procrastinated work! But but, can't I just relax a little after draining my brain juice?

Fall is here, and I have yet to take any pictures of mother nature's beauty. Yes, blame it on the paper and the work. Sigh.

Alright, time to rest and replenish my brain juice now. Ciaoz...

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